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CBD report-WHO

This report has been drafted under the responsibility of the WHO Secretariat, Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products, Teams of Innovation, Access and Use and Policy, Governance and Knowledge. The WHO Secretariat would like to thank the following people for their contribution in producing this review report: Professor Jason White, Adelaide, Australia (literature search, review and drafting), Ms. Dilkushi Poovendran, Geneva, Switzerland (questionnaire analysis and report drafting) and Dr. Stephanie Kershaw, Adelaide, Australia (review report editing, questionnaire analysis and report drafting).


Ministry of Hemp is determined to bring transparency and integrity to customers. Hemp is the perfect choice to help us clean up our planet. As a multifunctional plant, hemp can help bring change in many of our everyday products. By working with honest and transparent brands across the US, our goal is to improve the health and consciousness of our country.

Safety and Side Effects of CBD

This review will summarize such findings. First,CBD safety in animals and humans will be discussed. Second, side effects of CBD intake will be discussed, as well as the biological parameters affected by CBD interaction with other substances. Finally, some toxicology aspect studied in monkey will be shown.

Test Results

Pure Spectrum

In an effort to bring transparency and standardization to this industry, we post our test results for all Pure Spectrum products right on our website for the world to see. When using any product, it is important to know exactly what you are buying. We are happy to have any questions you might have about this and we hope our products help you as much as they help us. Thank you for your support!

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