CBD Honey Avocado Face Mask

Here is another really simple DIY CBD recipe. This time for your face. This mask is infused with CBD, honey and avocado to make your skin baby smooth and soft. It’ll help with puffiness, exfoliate the skin, reduce oxidative damage, reduce inflammation and clean out those pores.
You can add turmeric powder or essential oils for a little extra oomph. This is pretty easy to modify. For the health benefits of CBD click here.


  • 1/4 cup Avocado mashed
  • 2 tsp concentrated CBD oil
  • 1 tbsp honey

Yes, it’s really that simple. No fuss no muss. You can add lavender or mint, pretty much anything to give a pleasant/fragrant smell, just like the CBD lotion. The smell of lavender relaxes some people and similarly, so does mint.


  1. Mash one quarter of an avocado in a small bowl.

  2. StirĀ  CBD oil and honey, mashing and mixing well.

Apply to clean skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes before gently removing the mask with a washcloth and warm water.

You can customize this basic CBD mask by adding turmeric powder or mint essential oil(1-2 tsps) as stated earlier. Perhaps some aloe vera…

So, you can either buy ridiculously expensive lotions with rejuvenating something or the other, or just make this really simple DIY mask which does the same thing as an expensive cream. Your money, your choice!

I’ll add more in the coming weeks.




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  • C says:

    Thank you very much! All of these ingredients are very good for your skin and when you combine them, you get a really good combination. So, does this help you to have a clear complexion? Or mainly just increase softness? Either way I will have to get some CBD oil and try it. Thank you for another great article and have a nice day.

    • The Dragon says:

      It will help with complexion to a limited extent…The mask will exfoliate the skin and help with inflammation and oxidative damage as well as moisturize…

  • Wendy says:

    I am looking forward to making this CBD Honey Avocado mask. I can’t believe the recipe is so easy. Quick question for you…What is the benefit of adding turmeric powder to this? I know turmeric is great for joints and inflammation, I’m just wondering how it would help with your face.

    • The Dragon says:

      Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with wound healing, acne scarring and can help reduce breakouts.

  • Ryan says:

    Hey there!

    I think you’ve got an excellent post here. Ive tried CBD oil before but I’ve never thought about being able to create a mask and could ease anxiety and relax you through your facial skin. Very cool and enlightening post indeed! How long would it take for the CBD to take effect? Thanks for writing such an informative post. 

  • RSI Guy says:

    Your recipe for CBD face treatments is a cool extension of the many different ways CBD’s can be used to benefit us.  Short, sweet and to the point. Good use of visuals. I also like your discount for signup. Usually, those email popups annoy me, but offering something in exchange is a good move.

  • John says:

    Oh my, this is gonna be very pocket friendly and also very effective. Especially to my girlfriend who asks me to recommend some facial stuff to her. I could just brag about this now and she’ll be stunned. Lol. Actually, since there isn’t so much ingredients to buy, I could just easily grab them and we could make the face mask together. And I’d use it too. I mean, who doesn’t want a baby face too.

  • Rodarrick says:

    I could really make a very judicious use of this cbd avocado face mask right now. I have been battling with eye bags and puffiness for quite some days now and I’m sure that this would help to get my looks back without having to hide my face away or bury it in my palm to avoid others from noticing my puffiness. Since I have the two major ingredients at home right now, I can just proceed to making it right now

  • Wendy Fisher says:

    This sounds so luxurious. I’ve heard that mashed avocado can also be used as a shaving cream and a hair conditioner. I use honey, olive oil, and castille oil that works very well, but I never thought of using avocado and honey together! What a good idea. I think the properties of both would work very well. Plus the ingredients are so easy to get – I’ll have to try this. Sounds fun. 

  • Henderson says:

    Wow, I can really make my own face mask? That’s a perfect one for me seeing that I can easily get those few ingredients and then add some essential oils and make my face mask. This is something I’ll definitely give a try out and see how well it works for me. I know those ingredients to be very good especially avocado. Can’t wait to have my baby skin with this. Thanks!

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